Pojecting Department

SC Crico Ing Proiect delivers a complete range of projecting and consultancy services. Among these are projects and documentations for various machinery and technological installations; projects and documentation for thermal power plants and networks, hydro, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, electrical and automation; projects, fully researched opinions, consultancy for pressure systems that requireISCRI certification and approval; projects and notices for GPL systems and distribution systems; civil and industrial construction projects, extensions, modification s or renovations.

Installation Department

Crico Ing Proiect is renowned for its high standards applied to the installation, modernization, maintenance and repair of these high pressure gas systems. These tasks are performed by highly qualified staff, specially trained to implement the carefully drafted projects into modern pieces of art.

Our company is able to perform the following types of works:
-copper pipe, aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel installations;
– production / bottling of technical gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide);
-refrigeration installations for the food processing industry;
-draws samples testing equipments and installations for civil and industrial purposes;
-metal based confections;
-piston, turbo, air, oxygen, nitrogen, argon compressors;
-cryogenic tunnels;
-cryogenic pumps;
-storage/bottling and distribution units of liquefied oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide;
-transport of cryogenic liquids;
-vaporization systems and fuels distribution ;
-medical fluid for clinics / hospitals / laboratories (medical oxygen, nitrous oxide, compressed air);
-bio-diesel fuel installations;
-storage and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG);
-civil engineering constructions (tanks / industrial water storage units, foundations, concrete structures, water pipes, sewage, gas pipeline of low, medium and high pressure).

Maintenance Department
Our company undertakes periodical maintenance services which apply to all ISCIR regulated installations.
Among other services, SC Crico Ing Project offers solutions in preventive maintenance of pressurized systems such as the gas tank, distribution layout, pressure reducing stations, gauges and gas controllers. This involves visually inspecting all the systems, detecting possible leaks at joints and connections, checking hoses, high pressure gauges networks, safety valves, gas heaters or gas safety devices where flammable fluids are being used. Our company also performs a functional test on the panels of compressed gas (pressure reduction stations) and alarm / automatic switching devices.

In parallel, SC Crico Ing Proiect performs preventive maintenance on gas tanks/reservoirs. These include visually inspecting the complete installation, checking line pressure gauge, tank safety valves and cryogenic valves. The reset controller and pressurization devices are subjected to a functional test.

IMG_20141216_132600 IMG_0419 pozastatie

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