Equipment for supplying medical gas is an important and expanding part of the GCE Group’s activities. With exceptionally high safety, precision and hygiene requirements, medical-gas applications comprise an area demanding specialised knowledge and experience as well as a full understanding of respiratory and aspiration requirements and patient care. Compliance with quality standards according to Medical Directive 93/42/EEC is not only a regulatory obligation, but it is also a means of ensuring that our customers receive the high-quality and safe products they deserve.

Hospital Gas Distribution

GCE HELPS installers to fulfill the ISO 7396 standard installation Standards and national installation with secure protocol testing products WHERE Guarantee great production testing. Our range is comprehensive covering gas distribution systems solutions of Hospital from high pressure manifolds, stabilizers, accessories, alarm systems, ball valves, shut off valve boxes, watches to gas pressure outlets in accordance with all European Legislation.
Providing Manifolds systems is the source of the medical gases in Hospitals. Main function is reducing pressure from high pressure cylinders to the pressure level Which is Possible to use in the hospital pipe line. Manifolds have to fulfill the strict Requirements of the Medical Standards and of course safety installation of all Patients in the hospital.
Emergency shut off valve systems is provided to isolate sections of the pipeline distribution system for maintenance, repair, Planned future extensions and to periodic testing facility.
Medical gas outlets is quick and easy connecting of Providing hospital equipment to the hospital ward gas gas source. Type of medical gas outlets is decided by the National Standards in each country.

 Medical fluids gas distribution

MM40_HP_UNIT_II MC25_gas_manifold MC150_Stabilizer_I


Hospital Ward Equipment is one of traditional medical product range of GCE. The products are intended for use in hospitals but they can be also part of the ambulance cars equipment. Products are mainly used for oxygen therapy and suction.

Complete assortment includes wide range of different types of flow metering devices for oxygen therapy as standard ball flowmeters, as well as flow selectors or low pressure regulators. For performing suction GCE offers both vacuum regulators for places with vacuum source availability and suction ejectors for suction using gas instead of vacuum. Beside these two main groups of products there are in the range humidifiers, suction bottles, flexible hoses, quick couplers, rails, trolleys and other accessories.

Hospital Ward catalogue

Vacuum_Regulators_icon Suction_Jars_icon Suction_Ejectors_Venturi_Systems_icon Humidifiers_icon Flow_Selectors_icon Medireg_icon Mediselect_icon Low_Pressure_Hoses_icon MMR_icon
High Purity – Speciality Gases

High-purity specialty gases are used in various industries to operate analytical instruments, to initiate, stabilize and avoid chemical processes and to create amplified light for hardening, marking, welding and cutting purposes.
GCE – DruVa has been a leader in the field of specialty-gas equipment since 1967 and is one of the market leaders in providing system components, solutions and services for specialty, high-purity and ultra-high-purity gases to engineers, designers, distributors and end-users.

High Purity Gases Catalogue

SMD_320_1_Stage_2_Stage_Single_Gas_Panel_icon BMD_500_Manual_Changeover_Manifold_icon UHP_Regulators_icon UHP_Other_Equipment_icon

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