Cataloage produse

Catalog Aliaj Argint         Catalog Aliaje Fosfor/Cupru

Fise tehnice Aliaje de Argint

Safety-Silv25Spec            Safety-Silv30Spec-1           Safety-Sil35Spec              Safety-Silv38TSpec

Safety-Silv40NI2Spec     Safety-Silv40Spec              Safety-Silv40TSpec          Safety-Silv45TSpec


Fise tehnice Aliaje de Fosfor / Cupru

Harris0Spec                 BlockadeSpec                        BlockadeSpec-1                     DynaflowSpec  Stay-Silv2Spec             Stay-Silv5Spec-1                   Stay-Silv6HPSpec                StaySilv15

Fise tehnice Aliaje de Aluminiu

AlBraze1070Spec        ALCORSpec              COR-ALSpec


Untitled Specialty-Brazing imagesr images 25350 3533 3031 38T350


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