About us

Crico Ing Proiect is a Romanian firm mainly operating in the industrial and medical field.
Founded in 2006 in Timisoara, Timis County our company is widely known for its promptitude, reliability and competence.
We offer high quality services in fields such as drafting, planning, constructing, installing and maintaining of distribution systems and technical equipments. Over time we have accumulated extensive experience in all major industrial areas such as technical gases, cryogenic, petrochemical, metallurgy, and complex equipments. Also our company offers reliable systems and solutions in the field of medical fluids.

The main areas in which SC Crico Ing Proiect operates are:

-Construction of industrial and medical installations;
-Installation of distribution systems and networks;
-Electrical and automation equipments;
-Metal based constructions;
-Welded structures;
-Consultation and planning;


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